Effect of this method

This method enables the child to get total knowledge which means doing things with zero mistakes and perfection in doing all activities. It is found that between the age of 3 and 6 the child has a natural interest and capacity to master writing and reading, provided he is given the help corresponds to his needs. The special apparatus is used to bring these arts within the reach of the child and the psychological presentation stimulates the young children to acquire them so easily and enthusiastically.

The system non provides encouragement and training in individual activity, personal training self sufficiency and also provides social environment which requires cooperation, active regard for one another, help spontaneously given to younger companions and asked of and received from older ones deepen san develops the social sense. The inferiority feeling whether based on results in class-work or on social differences has no place, because in this environment it is the work more than the result of the work counts and gives satisfaction.

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