Class Message: STANDARD-I
E-Ln &Wr D/W poem -My book (note),M-Do the H/W in the book pg -107,Tomorrow is a local holiday

Class Message: STANDARD-II
Evs-Do pg -73 Activity zone (Project) and bring it on friday,H-Ln-7 Ln &Wr,Tomorrow is a local holiday(Thursday)

Class Message: STANDARD-III
M-Refer diary,Sci-Rd Ln-9 &B Ex,Tomorrow is a holiday

Class Message: STANDARD-IV
E-Ln &Wr Ln-11,T-Ln Gra pg-32-37,M-H/W pg -142(1),143(3),Soc-Rd Ln-12 &Do B Ex -a,b,c,d,Tomorrow is a local holiday.

Class Message: STANDARD-V
T-Ln &Wr Ln-1 Sci-Rd Ln-10 &Ln short answers.Tomorrow is a local holiday.