Class Message: STANDARD-I
E-Rd the poem My book page -80,T-Write your name in tamil in the scrap note

Class Message: STANDARD-II
Bring different types of measurements like bottle tin,Masala cover etc,(mg,kg,ml)

Class Message: STANDARD-III
T-Rd Ln-1,H-Part -10 meanings Ln &Wr,Soc-Rd Ln 17 &Frame 10 onewords,E-Rd Ln-8 Ln &Wr D/W

Class Message: STANDARD-IV
T-Rd Ln-1 H/W garmmar pg-33,34

Class Message: STANDARD-V
Soc-Rd Ln-18 &Prepare a timeline on Attaining freedom,H-Ln &Wr Ln-11