Class Message: STANDARD-I
E-Ln Ln-6,7 Answer the following T on 28/11,M-Do the H/w in the note.

Class Message: STANDARD-II
M-Ln -tables 1-10,T-Ln &Wr Ln-6,Evs-Ln &Wr Ln-11 book ¬e,E-Ln &Wr Ln-7 meanings,H-Ln-6 Ln meanings

Class Message: STANDARD-III
M-Pg ;128 (6) Do in C/W note,Sci-Do pg ;82,83,G.K-Do pg ;45,Soc-Ln &Wr Ln-16 detail answers,T-project pg;;47,53.

Class Message: STANDARD-IV
Com-Rd Ln-7 &work Ln-7 activity

Class Message: STANDARD-V
T-Rd Ln-3 story,Soc-Ln &Wr Ln-17 detail answers