Class Message: STANDARD-I
E-Ln the birds name in book pg ;24,T-Ln &Wr pg ;26 (Book) ,H-Ln &Wr Consonants

Class Message: STANDARD-II
Evs-Dict words slip test,M-Ln &Wr Multiplication tables -2,5

Class Message: STANDARD-III
E-Rd Ln-3 & Ln B Ex pg ;38,39,M-H/W Ex -3.4(2) pg-53

Class Message: STANDARD-IV
T-Ln&Wr poem H/W pg ;20 Wr in scrap note,H-Ln&Wr Ln-3(I ,II,III) Note,Sci-Rd pg-32,33

Class Message: STANDARD-V
Com-Rd pg-10,T-Ln &Wr Muthurai,T-Ln&Wr poem Q/A,M-H/W Wr all tje factors of i-81,ii -30,iii -100 ,iv -49