Class Message: STANDARD-I
Evs-Wr the H/W in the B pg-13,Evs project pg-14 (finger painting)Do it in project B

Class Message: STANDARD-II
Evs-Ln Ln-1 note,E-Ln Ln -1 note

Class Message: STANDARD-III
M-Do pg-26 Revision Ex (1) -(4)E-Rev Ln-1,2,(full) Oral T on 10/7,Soc-Ln & Wr Ln-3 Brief Qns

Class Message: STANDARD-IV
M-H/W (a) 898x214,(b) 485x179,H-Ln &Wr Ln-2,Soc-Ln &Wr Ln-4 (notes)

Class Message: STANDARD-V
Soc-Rd Ln-5 &Do B Ex,E-Ln &Wr Ln-4 notes