Class Message: STANDARD-I
Tamil:learn and write ln.1 Maths:test tomorrow pg:15-22 E.V.S:learn and write [1to10] ln-2 our body [c.w note]

Class Message: STANDARD-II
E.V.S-learn and write dictation words in note

Class Message: STANDARD-III
Maths-learn and write tables 8,9 Eng-ln 2 learn b.ex and do wkbk pg;14,15 Tamil-learn and write ln 1 [note]

Class Message: STANDARD-IV
Maths-learn and write tables 1-10 Hindi-learn and write ln:2[1-4] Sci-pg 24,25 learn one word

Class Message: STANDARD-V
Tamil-learn and write seiyul paadal Eng-read ln-4 learn wordfile Maths-learn tables 1-12 Computer-read ln 1 and learn the b.ex